Creditinfo Guyana launches online service

Subscribers to Creditinfo Guyana (CIG) will now be able to request and view their credit reports online, as the company launched its new service on Friday.

Speaking to the media at their New Market Street office, IT Consultant Phil Mingo explained that with their e-service, persons will be able to access their personal credit report or a credit report for their company online, as opposed to having to visit their office.

This, he said, will make the services the company offers more streamlined and accessible for persons living outside of Georgetown.

Customers will also be able to request monitoring of their account and institutions will be able to monitor their customers.

“Sometimes you would want to know whether a bank or other institution or anybody would’ve enquired about your credit score. Instead of having to come here you can actually go online and access your credit score or file disputes if you noticed disparities in your report,” Mingo explained.

The first credit report for the year will be free for everyone, but additional ones will come at a cost of $1,600, while a company credit report will cost $2,200. However, for customers interested in additional services such as monitoring, a fee of $5,000 per six month is attached, while for a full year, persons would have to pay $9,000, which also comes with two credit reports.

Persons interested in viewing their credit report will have to submit their name, national identification number, along with the photo of the ID or any other form of identification, their resident address, contact number and email address.

For persons interested in obtaining a credit report for their company, information such as the company name, business registration with the attached photo, tax number with the attached photo, name of the person requesting the information, contact number and email address will be required.


He said that the detailed information is collected and verified to ensure that persons requesting the information are true to their identity.

While payments can be made directly to the company’s office, they also use GTT’s Mobile Money service, which can be used to pay any fees.

Mingo also noted that the credit score ranges from 250 to 900, with 250 being the lowest. While different institutions will have different requirements for a “good” credit score, from 600 and up is acceptable by most companies.

Source: Stabroek News