About Us

Creditinfo Guyana, located in the heart of Georgetown is the second regional presence of the Creditinfo Group and the first ever credit bureau in Guyana.  Creditinfo Guyana entered the group in 2012 and its Chief Executive Officer is Judy Semple-Joseph.

The company is in the process of collecting information and is expected to achieve full functionality in late 2013. The main products and services will include the provision of full and semi full credit reports with an optional powerful Creditinfo predictor score, available in real-time and batch.

The company is currently developing several specifically focused modules that address the needs of the financial community and the SME sector, and which will have parallel applications in other vital areas of interest.

Creditinfo Guyana will also offer services that automate the capture and decision making capabilities of new applications for credit, making it easier for credit providers to process new customers and expand their portfolio in line with individual goals and objectives.

These reports and services are particularly tailored to positively transform the lending and credit provision environment in Guyana, through coherent and informed risk assessment, decision-making and strategy.

Our Team

Judy Semple-Joseph, CEO

Ms. Judy Semple-Joseph joined Creditinfo in 2013 as Chief Executive Officer. With over twenty (20) years of professional experience across both public and private sectors in Guyana, Ms Joseph has been over the past ten (10) years a practitioner in the field of Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development having been charged with the responsibility of managing the implementation of the a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) EMPRETEC Programme for SME Capacity Development. Her prior experience includes serving as credit analyst within Banking Sector. Judy holds a MBA Degree from the University of the West Indies (2000) and a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Guyana.

Vision & Mission


To be the major facilitator of sustainable growth in the financial sector and the economy of Guyana while contributing to easier and more cost effective access to credit.

Mission Statement

We are committed to offering a state of the art, full service credit reporting and risk assessment facility providing credit information and business management solutions to the credit provision and financial services industry in Guyana through impartial and accurate information that supports well informed credit decisions, driven by technology that enables superior delivery, and supported by a highly qualified and motivated team committed to the highest standards of privacy protection and customer service.

Core Values


We will always conduct our operations in compliance with the Laws of Guyana, and ensure that the guidelines that govern all requirements including consumer consent and relevant purpose are adhered to in the strictest manner.


We aspire to set the standard for credit reporting in Guyana and the region by maintaining an updated repository of comprehensive, relevant and reliable information that accurately reflect and support the financial needs and objectives of customers and consumers in the credit environment. We are committed to pro-actively monitor and validate data as it is provided, and will address consumer disputes and concerns in a prompt and respectful manner worthy of Guyana’s first and only credit bureau.


We will be trusted custodians of information by always observing the highest ethical and moral standards, thus ensuring maximum privacy protection and discretion above and beyond that required by law.


We will maintain an accurate, innovative and data driven, analytic reporting facility customized to deliver coherent and relevant tools for cutting edge decision making in a timely manner sufficient to serve the best interests of all stakeholders.


We will observe good corporate citizenship by observing best-practice product pricing in the market, and set and maintain a pricing policy for our products that will always be cost-effective and affordable so as to ensure that access to our powerful credit risk solutions are within reach of any subscriber regardless of their particular circumstances.

Creditinfo Guyana - 267B New Market Street, Georgetown, Guyana
(592)-227-7005 / 7009 info@creditinfo.gy
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