Consumer Predictor Application Scoring Plus (CIPA+)

CIPA+ builds on the participatory interface of the CIPA report to include user determined parameters and criteria with credit bureau data to generate a summary Accept/Decline/Refer decision based on these pre-set criteria. It introduces the use of tools such as business rules and cut-offs, as well as evaluated input and external information to produce a customized decision that considers the client’s own policies as a contributory determinant.

The user will be supplied with approximately twenty fields to input data that defines their application for credit, details their income and expenditure as well as employment and personal status. Our scorecard system will assess this data in juxtaposition with credit bureau data. The statistical nature of the development of our scorecard guarantees improvements and enhancements as new data is gathered.

All data gathered through this direct interface will not be available to other subscribers.

Every subscriber that implements this tool as part of their customer interface and risk assessment procedures will be required to define specific business rules that conform to their individual policies. Creditinfo (Guyana) Inc. will be pleased to provide consultation and any requisite guidance as needed to select and allocate parameters to each of the possible fifty business rules provided.

The business rules are set to apportion either a “refer” or “decline” status, for which the latter takes precedence in the recommended decision for an application. Those applications that generate neither option will be assigned a status of “accept”.

Subscribers can choose to use the recommendations as a definitive decision, or relegate it for use as a second opinion.