Consumer Report Plus (Self Report)

The Consumer Report Plus is a detailed and comprehensive credit report that is intended for the individual subject, and builds on the standard consumer report by including scoring information called the Creditinfo Predictor.

It displays all the information on the consumer that the credit bureau stores in its database for dissemination to clients on demand, incorporated with information about inquiries made on a subject and can include relevant personal data as well as a record of repayments on previous as well as current loans.

The Creditinfo Predictor score is represented as a two-part indicator consisting of a numerical value that ranges from 250 to 900, accompanied by a risk representative alpha grade ranging from A to E. Users can evaluate the score by assigning higher risks to lower numerical scores, and vice versa. A series of reason codes is provided for clear interpretation of a subject’s assessed score and these are also useful in identifying the aspects of a risk profile that require more in-depth review. The statistical nature of the development of our scorecard guarantees improvements and enhancements as new data is gathered.

This report is useful for self-evaluation or simply for information purposes, and differs from the Creditinfo report in that it identifies the institution/s at which the subject conducts their credit related business, and from which the data was gathered.