Creditinfo Advisor

In majority of the markets Credit reports get more complicated over time, especially, when more financial institutions submit their data into the system, which makes them very difficult to read, analyze and make a decision based on. The obvious answer is decision-making automation, however not all financial institutions are ready for a big IT project of automation, it changes the way they operate. Creditinfo offers a simple yet extremely efficient tool to access information in credit report and automatically analyze it.

Creditinfo Advisor provides an easy way to access and evaluate information from various information sources, mainly and primarily Credit Bureau Reports. Use best practices and Consultancy services from Creditinfo to enhance decision-making policies of financial institution.

This product is built using a combination of Creditinfo Products and Know-how and represents comprehensive consultancy services on decision-making policy rules, backed up by strong technical solutions proven in various markets. Reports pulling and evaluation according to enabled and configured policy rules, are done in an automated way with no manual intervention.

Information is automatically run through a built-in decision engine in order to perform different activities such as:

  • Summary and Aggregated values Calculations
  • Policy rules application
  • Recommended Credit Limit calculation
  • Scoring analysis

The Creditinfo Advisor Report is available both in PDF format for inquiries through Graphical User Interface and in XML format for automated inquiries through the web-service.

The Report contains general built-in sections as well as custom sections for each particular subscriber, if requested.

The system is a standalone module, it is available based on SaaS model as well as an internal installation at financial institution’s environment.


  • Immediate start with SaaS model
  • Allows to use best practice policy rules and calculations provided by Creditinfo experts
  • Does not alter global Financial Institution’s processes
  • Automates access to report and its evaluation,saving time and costs during decision-making

Creditinfo’s Advisor Solution focuses on:

  • Customer Acquisition – Assess and increase efficiency of your application approval process.
  • Relationship Development – Maximize customer value by upsell and limit management while keeping credit risks under control.
  • Retention and Loyalty – Grow strong base of loyal customers by maintaining high retention.
  • Collection Optimization – Increase recoveries and decrease collection expenses with efficient prioritization.
  • Compliance – Be in-line with regulations with robust estimation of expected credit loss.