Creditinfo Report Plus +

The Creditinfo Report Plus is a comprehensive report that builds on the Creditinfo Report by adding valuable scoring information known as our Creditinfo Predictor. It incorporates credit information from our Credit Information Providers with information about inquiries made on a subject and can include relevant personal data.

The information is specifically tailored to guide a subscriber through an assessment of the repayment capabilities of a credit applicant, and view the record of repayments on previous as well as current loans.


The Creditinfo Predictor has the advantage of providing users with an easy, single assessment of the subject. The score is represented as a two-part indicator consisting of a numerical value that ranges from 250 to 900, accompanied by a risk representative alpha grade ranging from A to E. Users can evaluate the score by assigning higher risks to lower numerical scores, and vice versa. A series of reason codes is provided for clear interpretation of a subject’s assessed score and these are also useful for identifying the aspects of a risk profile that require more in-depth review.
Creditinfo (Guyana) Inc. is committed to conducting periodic reviews and timely updates of all its data so as to ensure that users are being guided in their decision making by the most analytical and effective tools available in the market.

For clients that require substantial details in addition to the credit score, the report is presented in summary form in an interface called the dashboard. Additional value is supplied by a series of traffic light indicators.
Expandable tabs provide users with access to details under the various headings that comprise the report.
In addition to basic identifying information like Name, Date of Birth and TIN number, the dashboard includes other sections:

  • Creditinfo Predictor
  • Creditinfo Quest
  • Contracts
  • Relations
  • Inquiries
  • Disputes
  • All

This approach is deliberately designed to be user friendly and facilitate maximum usage benefits to both new and experienced users alike.