Creditinfo Report

The Creditinfo Report is an extract from our database that shows all the available credit information on a subject in an easily readable format. It also contains information about other inquiries made on the subject and may also include relevant personal data. The information is specifically tailored to guide a subscriber through an assessment of the repayment capabilities of a credit applicant by providing a view of the record of repayments on previous as well as current loans.

Users are initially provided with a summary view of the data in a format called the dashboard that displays a quick reference guide into a subject’s risk profile. In addition to basic identifying information like Name, Date of Birth and TIN number, the dashboard includes other sections:

  • Creditinfo Predictor
  • Creditinfo Quest
  • Contracts
  • Relations
  • Inquiries
  • Disputes
  • All

Users can quickly select appropriate tabs to access more details on a particular aspect of interest to them. This approach is deliberately designed so as to be user friendly and facilitate maximum usage benefits to both new and experienced users alike