Negative Data Report

Know Your Customer

In today’s competitive business world, credit decisions often have to be made quickly. In this fast paced environment, it can sometimes be difficult to be as shrewd as needed – and especially when needed. The right information at the right time is now more than just support; it can mean the difference between a bad decision and a good one, and it can bridge the gap between lender and borrower to lift the veil and reveal the true character of your customers.

Keep it Simple.

The Clearance Report is a custom report that pinpoints all contracts for a particular data subject which are currently in default for 30 days or more; where the data subject is the Main Debtor or Co-Debtor. The Clearance Report enables subscribers to obtain valuable clearance from the Credit Bureau, through our assurance that the subject of inquiry has no defaults recorded against their name in the database.

What are the main benefits?

  • Comprehensive information about defaults is an essential precondition for safe decision-making.
  • Makes fast decision making possible by leveraging knowledge of a potential customer’s delinquency with other lenders.
  • Helps to increase competitive advantage for the company.
  • Records all past credit inquiries: shows multiple loan/ credit applications – shopping around for credit is bad news.
  • Helps lower expected losses from bad loans, leading to significantly improved quality of credit portfolios. Identifies bad customers right away, and ‘clears’ those customers with no delinquency.