Scoring Report

This is known as our Creditinfo Predictor which essentially summarizes all available credit information on a subject in the form of a credit score, including the trends evident in all historical scoring calculations. The Creditinfo Predictor is useful for users that need a single, easy assessment of the subject without the need for analysing all the details available in other reports.

The score is represented as a two-part indicator consisting of a numerical value that ranges from 250 to 900, accompanied by a risk representative alpha grade ranging from A to E. Users can evaluate the score by assigning higher risks to lower numerical scores, and vice versa. A series of reason codes  is provided for clear interpretation of a subject’s assessed score and these are also useful in identifying the aspects of a risk profile that require more in-depth review.

Creditinfo (Guyana) Inc. is committed to conducting periodic reviews and timely updates of all its data so as to ensure that users are being guided in their decision making by the most analytical and effective tools available in the market.

This report is great for applications where only a score is required, and where more detailed information would be unnecessary.  It can drive periodic assessments of an existing customer database for purposes such as:

  • Provisional estimation
  • Pre-screening of prospective customers, and targeted marketing of specific product offerings.
  • Cross selling and upselling of products and services
  • Monitoring of changes in a subject’s risk grade, as an early warning system for potential delinquency.